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Upgrade to Business Central

Experience End-to-End Enhancements - Upgrade your Dynamics GP to Business Central in the cloud

New Features on the Business Cloud

If you are still using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are missing out on many new features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Workflow: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows Workflow continues to expand and enhance existing options. Utilize this built-in feature to automate the approval process. Power BI: Use Power BI reports from within or outside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, turning the data in visual reports and dashboards into accessible information for everyone who needs it. Top User Requests: Microsoft gathers and makes changes with each version on some top-voted requests. Many of these changes enhance the overall user experience – making it easier to navigate and utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Intelligent Cloud: Further your mobile ability and transform your business data into accessible information that drives decision-making. Get proactive information to address problems before they start and deliver better customer experiences.

Document Attach: Like Workflow, the document attach has been expanded since the initial release. Eliminate records filing using the attach feature on master records or transactions.

Cost Savings down the lane

Keeping your system up to date makes the transition to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central much smoother. Delaying an upgrade can cause more problems for your company because the longer you wait to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the more difficult it is to move to the most recent version. It makes the transition more complex and involves more time, which increases the potential for the extended downtime and increased costs.

Compliance Issues on Documents

Unsupported versions of GP do not include recent tax forms and rate changes. By being on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you keep your business compliant with current tax laws and best practices in accounting and avoid the hassle and expense of working around outdated software.

Improved Cyber Security

Data security is a top priority for your business, especially regarding financial data. You are more likely to experience a security breach on an unsupported version of GP. You are protected from defects and threats by being on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


VISTAS’ Recommendations:

Hardware: VISTAS recommends a test upgrade in a new environment where your new version can be carefully tested before going live. Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does not require any new hardware. Older equipment increases the risk of failure, and disaster recovery can be expensive and disruptive without a robust backup plan. Consider moving your business systems to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud. Maintaining on-premise servers is costly, especially up-front costs, and our dedicated Cloud service provides better security and backup than any organization could provide on its own.

Time is Money and vice versa: Most upgrades fall between 50-100 hours of planning, execution, and go-live support. Less complex upgrades can take less time. VISTAS has performed several upgrades, and we’ve got the process down to a science. After so much experience, we can provide fixed fee upgrade quotes in most cases. To receive a quote on upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, contact VISTAS at [email protected]

Business Growth: VISTAS can provide you with detailed lists of all the new functionality that has been added with each new version; additionally, watch for VISTAS to offer one on sessions to get a new look at new features. Upgrades are a perfect time to implement new modules, like fixed assets, electronic banking, dashboard reporting, and more.


VISTAS’ Route to Upgrade & Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Preparation is the key: VISTAS’ project managers and upgrade experts will work with you to carefully plan your upgrade, including system requirements, integrations, customizations, ISV products, training, and go-live support.

Testing, testing: VISTAS provides UAT (user acceptance testing) scripts so that every process, report and device is functioning properly, before going live. The more thorough the testing, the more successful your results.

Set expectations: Your ERP system is completely unique. Your specific environment, users, data, software, and needs are different than any other business. Expect that some adjustments may need to be made after your upgrade to get more complex functionality working perfectly.


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